Queen Azalia Rahmawati


Bio and project of Queen

Queen Azalia Rahmawati is a high school student from Jombang, Indonesia. Born into a family of environmental educators, she is passionate about ecology and is continuously engaged in the fight against climate change. From a young age, she started to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, bringing tumblers to school and using cloth pads when menstruating. 

She currently studies at Adiwiyata School, one of the key programs of the Ministry of Environment aimed at promoting knowledge and awareness about environmental conservation efforts among the student community in Indonesia. She is a member of her school’s environmental organisation and part of Adiwiyata’s social media creative crew encouraging people to go green by organising eco-friendly practices and activities. 

Queen Azalia is particularly concerned with the issue of solid waste and the harmful impacts it has on our environment and ecosystems. Although global waste is increasing at an alarming rate  – polluting our air, land, and water – few people are aware or even care. 

Queen Azalia’s project “Waste For Change” aligns with SDGs 12 (“Responsible Consumption and Production”) and 13 (“Climate Action”). Her program aims to raise awareness among young people about the issue of waste management, inviting them to practise responsible consumption. 

To achieve her goal, she has devised a series of activities, including an interactive Webinar featuring a wide range of speakers, spanning government, celebrities, and well-known activists. To encourage youth to build sustainable habits, she has created a seven-day #waste4change challenge where each participant has to chronicle their waste management journey. Through her project, she wishes to inspire young Asian people to take action and help save the planet.