Mst Tasmiya Islam


Bio and project of Tasmiya

Tasmiya Islam is a 14-year-old student from Bogura, Bangladesh. Besides reading, listening to music, and exploring new cultures, she is dedicated to fighting against climate change. In the future, she plans on running her own environmental organisation, spreading awareness on climate change and protecting endangered species. 

To face the problem of plastic pollution, Tasmiya has put her passion and scientific skill to work. She has set up an “Environment Friendly Recycling Factory” with the aim of turning plastic waste into green energy. 

Within her local community, she has organised a collection of plastic debris: the litter is then sent to be burned in a closed stainless-steel chamber, producing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Rather than releasing the harmful gases in the atmosphere, Tasmiya is combining them with hydrogen and oxygen to ultimately create methane. The methane is then harnessed to generate electricity for the homes in the community. Her project falls in line with SDG 13 of “Climate Action”. 

Tasmiya is promoting her campaign through social media and school meetings, and is presenting the final project findings to students, teachers, and members of the community at an assembly. She hopes that her initiative will help increase awareness about climate issues among the people of Joypurpara, while also decreasing the impact of plastic pollution.