Harvesting Happiness - Supporting women under violence in Taitung


                      Harvesting Happiness

              Supporting Women under Violence in Taitung

      A true story from one of many women who suffer from domestic violence in Taiwan


5 years ago,

      When Ruan came to The Garden of Hope Foundation in Taitung asking for help, she had just left the abusive relationship.  At that time, Ruan and her 3 children could not even afford 3 meals a day.  No one wanted to rent them a home.  Ruan was also short of her kids’ tuition fees.  She was in despair.  

Ruan had to work more than 16 hours a day to barely make a living.  With 2 jobs, she often left home around 5 AM and returned at 9 PM.  

2 years ago, Ruan wished to have more time with her children.  She needed a job with more flexible working hours.  It’s very difficult to find such a job in Taitung where we are short of big companies with limited job opportunities.  She then decided to start her own business.  

But How? 

    As a Vietnamese immigrant, Ruan is not able to read nor write Mandarin.  Plus, she has no money.  The only thing she knows about is Custard Apple.  Her social worker Mrs. Lin recalled: “I was worry about her.  But when you see the determination from her eyes, you know she will make it.  I decided to help her to realize her dream.”  Mrs. Lin searched every resource available in the network.  They worked through every step in order to get approved for the microloans by the CTBC Poverty Alleviation Program.  

Starting with less than an acre of land, Ruan managed to grow 2.4 acres of Custard Apple within 2 years.  Ruan is so proud of her top-quality custard apples.  She is now very confident to tell us that she is a happy and blessed person because she controls her own destiny.

“The social worker at The Garden of Hope Foundation really helps a lot. "

      "Mrs. Lin is like a mother who helped and encouraged me when I was in the worst situation.  She also taught me how to communicate with my children.  I am so grateful that my kids are all growing well.  I am not only their mom but also their friend.  I couldn’t imagine how I could survive without Mrs. Lin’s help.” 

Ruan still could not stop her tears when talking about this hard time in her life.  However, we are all now feel grateful because we walked through the most difficult time together.   

 In Taitung,

there is a victim of gender-based violence every 6 hours.  They could be our neighbors, classmates, or even your family member.  

One dollar a Day

to help more women who suffer from domestic violence in Taitung.  Donate now!!(Link at the bottom of the page )


  • Use of the fund: Most of the funds will go to pay for living costs, rent, tuitions.  Other than that, we will reserve a portion of the fund for further use of the “Go together for one more mile” project which will focus on assisting those women in need with skills to find a job and make a living on their own. Our social workers will work along with them in each step for services such as legal assistance, consultation for start-ups and/or psychological consultancy.

Remark: The actual donation amount may be subject to change due to foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations.


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