[Fundraising] Asian Girls Campaign

Empower Asian girls, Empower the world

There are no limits to how girls can make global change.

Your support gives them a voice, so let’s help them speak to the entire world!


Investing in supporting girls is investing in reform for the whole nation.

Hadika is a 15-year-old girl from a rural community in Pakistan. Her personal experience has inspired her to travel around and speak to the elderly, military and police leaders, and those in the wedding industry in an effort to bring an end to the cruel custom of child marriage. As a first step, she has convinced those in the wedding industry to refuse to organize weddings involving children.


Girls are a force that is challenging and breaking current standards.

Yun-yun is a Taiwanese teenage girl who plays ice hockey. Though the sport is dominated by boys, her personal experience proves that girl power is the first step in overcoming verbal abuse and facility restrictions.


Many Asian girls are fighting for their rights and courageously pursuing their dreams. While championing girls’ rights in Taiwan and other regions in Asia, the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) has noticed four major issues that girls commonly deal with:

  1. Violations of bodily integrity: forced child marriages, sex work, and sexual assault.
  2. Denial of right to health: female genital mutilation, forced corset-wearing, and menstruation myths.
  3. Unequal right to education: the ratio of girls to boys who complete higher education is quite low even in such advanced nations as Japan.
  4. Gender stereotypes and body image: based on what they see in the various forms of media, girls are pressured into trying to lose weight, make their skin lighter, etc.


                                   GOH is working hard to empower Asian girls!

October 11 is the International Day of the Girl and Taiwan Girls Day. Since 2003, GOH has held a series of events that day, including the Formosa Girl Awards, Girls’ Work Day, and the GOH Girls’ Night Run to promote the rights of girls in Taiwan and give them a voice. To date, GOH has worked to empower over 10,000 girls. Beginning in 2013, GOH brought its girl empowerment experience to other parts of Asia, supporting over 100 girl empowerment programs throughout the continent and helping to create safe, friendly spaces for girls to develop.

"According to Michelle Obama, we must ensure investment into our girls so that they do not miss out on any opportunities; they are our girls, our responsibility."


          Why should you donate to support GOH’s girl empowerment programs?

In order to bring change to the patriarchal societies of Asia, more local organizations consisting of people like you and me need to make their voices heard and promote social concept reform from its roots. Taiwan, which is at the forefront of gender equality in Asia, can lead the movement by passing on its experiences and help Asian girls make use of their power to influence.

So we wholeheartedly invite your support of these programs to help resolve the problem of gender inequality in Asia!


                          Your donation will be used in the following areas:

1. Programs to promote girl empowerment and equal gender rights.

2. The Formosa Daughters Festival series of events.

3. Support for Asian organizations providing services to disadvantaged girls.

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