[2021 ANWS Annual Conference] From Shelters to Social Housing 2021/07/20

2021 ANWS Annual Conference


From Shelters to Social Housing –

How to Construct A Housing Safety Network for DV Victims


will be held online soon on August 11 - 12.  The two-day conference focuses on how to connect shelters with social housing to provide long-term support for DV victims after they left and sharing of mid-/long-term shelter/social housing experiences.. Come and share your ideas with amazing speakers and practitioners from all over the world.


🖋Registration ---> https://forms.gle/ch512JVbuBWq324F8


         Date & Time: August 11-12, 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm, Taipei time (GMT+8)

To find out when the webinars will be held in your time zone please check here: https://reurl.cc/zz1Rl0


GOH has observed the insufficiency of emergency sheltering for many years. Thus, we explore the possibilities of providing service for mid-to-long-term sheltering.  In 2012, we launched the program "Go the second mile", focusing on "economic empowerment", "social housing" and "relationship repair". The services include employment, housing, legal support, economic support, and other assistance in response to women’s various difficulties and needs on the road of reconstructing their life. And we hope to provide continuous, adequate, and appropriate resources to support the survivors and their families.🏠


In order to better incorporate social housing with long-term sheltering support for women after they leave the emergency shelter, the2021 Asian Conference of Women’s Sheltersorganized by GOH and the Asian Network of Women’s Shelters will review the different types of policies and practices in Taiwan, with experts working in various fields in Taiwan. We also invited famous speakers from the Netherlands, the United States, and South Korea to talk about the experiences and practices in their home countries. Sign up for this amazing opportunity and share your ideas with us!🦸


This conference is organized by the Garden of Hope Foundation and the Asian Network of Women's Shelters. Conference videos will be posted online after the conference. Feel free to share this information among your networks. We are looking forward to seeing you virtually!💁


Register here: https://forms.gle/ch512JVbuBWq324F8

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