[Asian Girls Award] Celebrate Your Success with GOH! 2021/06/09

Asian Girls Award

Celebrate your success with GOH!

               Apply herehttps://forms.gle/enwrYboSetHL8NXi7 


What is Asian Girls Award? 

 Throughout Asia, the Asian Girls Campaign invites partners to celebrate and bring solutions to problems faced by girls. We invite you or your partner organization to nominate girls whose involvement in advocating girl/youth rights, commitment to their communities or creativity for finding social solutions sets positive examples to girls around the world. 

There are three awards to choose from and each girl can be nominated in just one award category. We are looking for inspirational girl leaders, is this you?


Can I nominate myself for an award? 

YES!! Let 2021 be your year!  

You can apply for yourself, or your organisation can apply on your behalf.  

IF you believe gender equality should be a lived experience for girls and for girls to grow in an environment without violence, WE WANT YOU!

Make sure you are: 

  • Girl under the age of 19. 
  • Leader or participant of at least one GIRL-CENTERED project. 


Selection Process: 

Each girl can apply to be an ambassador in only ONE award category: 

  • Human Rights Award: Honours girls who are unafraid to confront people with power, to challenge deep-rooted social norms to ensure the safety and well-being of all girls. 
  • Community Development Award: Acknowledges girls showing exceptional leadership who are the driving forces to ensure the livelihoods of girls in their community. 
  • Social Innovation Award: Rewards girls who have innovative projects or are addressing social issues through unconventional means.  

 The deadline for applications is 12th of July 2021 

Successful applications will be invited to join a group interview where the final results of 5 Ambassadors will be selected in total and 3 would receive the individual awards.  

An award ceremony would be held locally at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Economic Offices in the ambassadors’ countries of residence. If physical visits to the Taipei Office is not possible due to the pandemic or otherwise, the event will be held online. The award will be presented by the honourable Representative from our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who are also amid supporters of the Asian Girls Campaign. 


                        Apply here https://forms.gle/enwrYboSetHL8NXi7 


What can I expect? 

1. Media exposure locally in your country, Taiwan and on the Garden of Hope's Social Media. 

2. Opportunity to meet the Taiwanese Ambassador of your region. 

3. Network with like-minded girls and join a community of girl ambassadors. 

As an Asian Girls Ambassador, you carry the mission to bring gender equality to girls as a lived-experience and create a safe environment for girls to live without violence. You will be expected to provide updates on your works and to support the Garden of Hope's girl rights campaign on social media.  


Key Dates: 

18/07/2021 Application Deadline 

23/07/2021 Interview Invitation 

30/07/2021 Group Interview 

06/08/2021 Ambassador Result 

13/09/2021 Asian Girls Ambassadors meet TW Ambassador 


                          Apply herehttps://forms.gle/enwrYboSetHL8NXi7   


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