GOH in NGO-CSW! Save your days for us! 2021/03/05

       March, a month for women!

    Join NGO-CSW with GOH!

What is NGO-CSW?

NGO-CSW is a committee that organized by over 200 NGOs all over the world, their mission is to provide a platform to UN and NGOs to discuss the UN policies to women and exchange information&idea.

Each March, the NGO-CSW annual forum is the biggest feast for women's rights workers in the world, they go to learn, exchange and celebrate women’s rights together.

Can I join NGO-CSW?

YES!! 2021 is a year of change. First time ever, the NGO-CSW forum will be hosted virtually and open to all audiences.

As one of the topics this year: Public Participation, join to share your voice with all the world. And most important, is FREE. 

3/15-3/26, register here to join the feminist feast: https://reurl.cc/E268rm


GOH in NGO-CSW, save your days!

With GOH's girl ambassadors, partners, and our guests, we are honored to host 3 events during the forum, don't forget to join us!

First event: The GNWS Women’s Helplines Project

3/15 9:00 AM EST (linkhttps://reurl.cc/8yX47M)

Second event: Crisis Shelters to Social Housing – Permanent Solutions to Domestic Violence

3/24 9:30 PM EST (linkhttps://reurl.cc/2bjMv4)

Third event: How to empower Asian youth to end violence through the use of technology?

3/19 9:30 PM (linkhttps://reurl.cc/1gbjpY )

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