[Asian Girls Campaign] Nepal, Equal Opportunities to Lead the World 2020/11/25

【「我想證明,如果女孩獲得平等機會,她們就可以領導整個世界!」“I want to prove that if girls have equal opportunities, they can lead the world!” - 尼泊爾的Ashma

來自尼泊爾的Ashma Aryal11歲就開始參加兒少組織活動,倡導保護女孩人身安全。在當地,童婚、童工及人口販運問題嚴重,童婚率更是亞洲第三名,小媽媽婚後就失去受教育權也沒工作技能,對生理、心理都造成極大的負擔。

雖然尼泊爾的社會不允許女性獨自外出,但Ashma仍堅持持續在當地舉辦推廣女孩權益的活動,包括領導社區的女孩足球隊、在當地學校提倡女孩使用衛生棉,並在非營利組織的幫助下,舉辦女孩在地的高峰會,呼籲大眾與政府重視女童人權。多年的努力,讓Ashma2019年獲得機會與尼泊爾婦女及兒少部長Tham Maya Thapa上電視對談尼泊爾女孩現況,建議政府能從哪些方面培力女孩。


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Since the age of 11, Ashma Aryal of Nepal has been participating in children’s organization activities, advocating for the protection of girls’ personal safety. Locally, the issues of child marriage, child labor, and human trafficking are serious. After marriage, the young mothers lose the right to education and have no work skills, creating great burdens on their physical and mental selves.

Although Nepalese society forbids women to go outside alone, Ashma nevertheless insists on continuously organizing local activities to promote girls’ rights, including leading a girls’ football team in her community, promoting girls’ use of sanitary pads in local schools, and, with the help of nonprofit organizations, held a summit for local girls that called on the public and the government to pay attention about girls’ human rights. Years of effort have enabled Ashma in 2019 to have the opportunity to talk to the Nepalese Minister of Women, Children and Senior Citizen Honorable Tham Maya Thapa on the status of Nepalese girls, and suggest the aspects in which the government can help girls.

As the ambassador of GOH Asian Girls, Ashma has received awards from Nepal to Taiwan, proving that girls have a place in the world. GOH has supported girls to use their own strength to fight for rights, and at the same time raises funds to sponsor girls like Ashma defend their rights with their own initiatives!

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