Half Marathon at Chiayi Air Base in Chiayi County 2017/12/25
GOH One Billion Rising Run

On November 18th, the Garden of Hope (GOH) hosted a half-marathon event at Chiayi Air Force base to raise awareness to all the women and children who have suffered from violence worldwide and to work together to prevent it from happening anymore.

On the day of the race, the sun was shining above the Chiayi base with almost 1,000 participants in the marathon in the 3KM, 12KM and 24KM categories. Runners were energetic early in the morning during warmups and understood the rules of the race. While assembling at the starting line, everybody cheerfully took photos to commemorate the moment.

There were many exciting performances and lucky draws arranged among other activities. Clubs which prepared over 40 different stalls to attract people for personal experiences. This is the first time in history that a marathon race was held on a military base, and runners could admire mysteries of Chiayi base, F-16 Fighting Falcon, and Air Rescue helicopters.

Jingxiang Liu, Supervisor of Shuishang Township in Chiayi Country, encouraged everyone to give attention and influence to work together to eliminate a gender biased society, echoing the mission of One Billion Rising anti-violence campaign. Chiayi Air Force 455 Team Leader Chiiching Chen also welcomed everyone to the Air Force base to participate in the effort to eliminate violence. He expected that everyone fly with airplanes and to run faster than ever before.

Every November is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. GOH hosted “End Violence and Let Love Flies” running to not only respond to this activity, but to encourage society to raise awareness of this issue and work together towards a safe environment for all.

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