GOH Statement:No Pay Back, Only Constructive Dialogue 2017/12/25
GOH clarifies the“social worker exploitation”mistaken message.

On the 6th, Ministry of Health and Welfare held the meeting “Providing Subsidy for Public and Private Sectors to Engage in Social Welfare Guidelines” to discuss if the government’s subsidies for social workers’ personal expenses should be coordinated by social welfare agencies in the future. The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) raises a discussion about the pros and cons of global budget system, and even GOH was accused of “exploitation” that requests workers to donate their salary back. This is a false accusation that has harmed GOH’s reputation. Therefore, GOH solemnly offers clarification and appeals to all to stop the spread of this mistaken message.

The existing systematic and equal manpower subsidy has caused great difficulties for social welfare sectors and is not necessarily the same as existing pay system in many social welfare organisations. If social worker’s salary was less than the government’s subsidy, GOH would return the difference to the government. If the worker’s salary was higher than the subsidy, GOH would cover the difference. There is no so called “pay back”, which means that GOH is not asking workers to donate their salaries back to the organization.

The government has services commissioned by social welfare agencies. The government provides subsidies for necessary manpower, which is professional service fee. Why does GOH propose a global budget system for professional service fee? The main objective is to solve the current unreasonable systematic and equal manpower subsidy scenario and simultaneously to help senior staffs retain their positions and promote social welfare.

Subsidized professional service fees are part of statutory services. Private social welfare agencies share the responsibility of governmental programs. If not all social workers and agencies have equal rights, it is not possible to sustain this professional service in the long run. Low salaries for social workers has long been an issue that the government should take the lead in reforming. However, it is also necessary to consider the independence and culture of individual agencies and simultaneously think and pay attention to the concrete development and constructive dialogue of long-term social welfare. The government is the most important cornerstone for the long-term stable development of social welfare and has the responsibility for identifying and implementing solutions to the challenges that social welfare sectors arecurrently facing.

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