【V-Men】2017 V-Men Run Press Conference 2017/09/28
Group Photo of V-Men Press Conference

The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) held a press conference of “Love shines not Violence”and V-Men Run on September 6th, and celebrities attended to discuss love from male’s point of view. Famous for his image of a caring guy on big screen, Lee Lee-zen shared that, though 70% of perpetrators are males, but there are increasing cases of male victims of violence. Therefore it is important to reduce violence and abuse among couples. Despite it is difficult for men to say sweet things, couples must form a unity by understand and forgiving each other.


Olympic champion and marathon runner, Chang Chia-che also attended with his father to express love. Chang said that love is a kind of expression and behavior, and the common interest of his father and him is running. In his rebellious youth, this common interest formed common topic, so his father and him built love for each other on running. And Chang’s father stressed that women need to raised (to improve the social status), and women are really important. He also thanked GOH for taking care of women who are victims of violence, because taking care of these women is taking care of men in a way.


These warm words created a cozy atmosphere, but 13 police officers from National Police Agency and family service division of county governments brought a different vibe. Witnessing and dealing with many cases of child abuse, they became more determined and motivated to work for the abused children and mothers. They also encouraged anyone to call for help if violence occurs, and the police will always be their support.


After all guests gave speeches, Carissa Wang, Director of Resource Development at GOH, thanked all collaborative partners of the V-Men Run, including Expedia, which was determined to deepen the market in Taiwan and took on corporate social responsibility, being GOH’s closest partners. Lian Hwa Foods Corporation has been a sponsor of GOH’s mararhon for four consecutive years. There were also other co-organisors, like Taipei Bar Association and Taipei Dental Association.


In addition, this year’s V-Men Run implemented a game called “Find the V-men”, designed by Taiwan Go's App and myMusic online music platform, to provide music for the run and gave out limited music cards to entertain runners.


GOH CEO Chi Hui-Jung said that this year Taiwan holds a judicial reform conference. Because the law is the final justice for gender inequality, GOH specifically set up a lawyer’s group for the V-Men Run, in hope to raise gender awareness among Taiwan's judicial officers and to remove gender bias. In addition, GOH has gained the permission to set up a subsidiary to serve men in September. The subsidiary will encourage men who suffers from violence to ask for help, in order to realise gender justice.


GOH’s V-Men Run this year will be on November 25 in New Taipei city at Yonghe District Zhongzheng Riverside Park. The most special part of this year’s V-Men Run is that it combined with the United Nations Women's Committee 16 Days of Activism - UN Women: (UN16), and the "One Billion Rising (OBR)", which symbolizes Taiwan's transition from local community to international community and Taiwan fulfills gender justice through the sychonization with global anti-violence movement.

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