[Asian Girls Award] Siriwan Phornin: the Winner of 2020 Asian Girls Human Rights Award 2021/07/05


Siriwan Phornin

The Winner of 2020 Asian Girls Human Rights Award


Siriwan was selected as the Asian Girls Ambassador Human Rights award winner for her outstanding effort in advocating for the rights of children of the LGBTQ+ family. As a daughter of 2 mothers, Siriwan shared her personal difficulties of navigating legal recognition, school, and public commentaries. Legally, as the Thai government is yet to recognise same-sex marriage, her mothers cannot legally adopt her and so they family is unrelated. Though the family-of-three lives lovingly under the same roof, Siriwan’s mothers cannot travel abroad with her even with their consents. Her mothers cannot legally represent her if she needs medical treatments.


Despite the challenges, Siriwan has only felt the need for more public awareness on LGBTQ+ families particularly in schools. The public may question the legitimacy of LGBTQ couples raising children, someday it may bring you down, but for Siriwan this is the exact feeling that she feels no other person should feel. These discriminatory stereotypes occur in schools and at times it may spiral into bullying. Siriwan believed that teachers should be more informed, more opened about sex education to students so that not only would gender bullying stop but also the more acknowledgement the general public show towards LGBTQ families the more likely chance to push for legal reform, as it had failed in 2019 in Thailand.


Since receiving the Asian Girls Human Rights Award, Siriwan has continued with her campaign. Using her public profile, artistic talent and storytelling skills to share her own stories with the internet. As the Human Rights Award winner, she was able to use her voice to collaborate with the Thai government-affiliated organisation The Office of the Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth: https://reurl.cc/qgGLLD) on the manual for parents with LGBTQ+ children, “This House has Gender Diversity” which show parents how to better understand their children and support them throughout the difficulties they would face from society.


Her involvement in the rights of the LGBTQ community and her award winning status has supported her to the enrolment of the prestigious Chiang Mai University where we would continue to see the growth of Siriwan as Asia’s rising LGBTQ+ rights activist.


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