GOH Exchange Experiences with Mongolian Professionals 2018/04/09
GOH hosted Mongolian NGOs to visit other welfare organisations in Taiwan.

On March 21st, the Garden of Hope Foundation welcomed a group of leaders and experts working in the sector of providing shelter, support, and other services for women and children. Members of the group include Amarjargal Tsolmon, Executive Director of the Desert Rose NGO, Solongo Byambasuren, Founder of the Good Future NGO, Gaamaa Namjil and Tegshbayar Nayantai, Director and Manager of Our Home NGO, respectively, Undrakh Chinchuluun and Gereltuya Batsukh, Founder/Adviser and Development Officer of Princess Center, respectively, Bayarmaa Galsanvaanchig, Officer of the Zamiin-Uud Branch of Mongolian Gender Equality Center, and Undrakh Zorigt and Sanchir D, Program Coordinator and Legal Adviser of National Center Against Violence, respectively.

The group traveled all the way from Mongolia to Taiwan to visit different types of GOH service centers, as well as other local women and children’s organizations in Taipei and New Taipei cities. The trip was spread over three days, from March 21st to March 23rd. On the first day, these Mongolian visitors were introduced to the GOH Headquarters, where a session on the topic of gender and protection for women and children was held. They then visited the GOH in-kind donation center and the branch office in New Taipei City in the afternoon. This branch office is one of the many GOH service centers that provide work skill training, employment, sexual exploitation, and teenage pregnancy services for women and girls in need.

Itinerary on the second and the third days include a visit to Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation – Chung Yi Children’s Home, three of the GOH shelters, the office of Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare, one of the GOH Dandelion Counseling Centers, and the GOH Taipei City Branch Office. Both the visitors and the hosts were experienced in working with survivors of sexual and other forms of violence, teenage mothers, or homeless children. Ideas flowed during the heated discussions. Successful examples as well as challenges faced by service providers in Taiwan and Mongolia were shared during the three-day visit, channeling the exchange of valuable experiences between the two countries.

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