【OBR】Series of Activities in Taitung 2017/01/23
▲Garden of Hope Taitung Office held activities to end gender violence.

International Ends the Violence Against Women Day organized by the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) in Taitung completed successfully with press conference, film festival and drama performance. A series of events was kicked off by a series of press releases on "Gentle Revolution" to end gender violence. Magistrate of Taitung County Chien-ting Huang and Hong Kong Teens Angel Family Centre founder Mr. Marco Wong wore 4 kg maternity suits, in order to personally experience the pain of pregnant women. Magistrate expressed that all gentlemen could be good husbands to treat their wives right, and good fathers who love their children without being frugal to give love. Only family love could end violence, and people together could end the international violence against women.

GOH CEO, Hui-jung Chi, said that when men could not properly deal with their own psychological harm, then it becomes possible for men to hurt others. Only completely change the impression of "violence is masculine” gender stereotype with careful listening and understanding, we could then interpret the experiences that our society doesn’t allow men to share. Therefore, we could truly eliminate violence and create a gender-friendly society.

The event ended with the highlight of eight fathers dancing while holding their children. The lively and interesting dance was designed for men to experience the hardships of women have at home. The dance was also an invitation to participate the termination of gender violence, to protect women and children with love, and to influence men to commit to "Do not use violence, no intolerance for violence, do not remain silent towards violence" as a "gentle declaration". Men would have concrete actions in the related transformation movement to end female victims of violence.

There were two international women\'s film festivals symposiums in the series of activities. By the role in the film, the symposiums discussed the relationship between genders and violence, in hope that viewers understood the violence in different families with different perspectives. The end goal is to have a diverse heart to accommodate and pay attention to the issue of domestic violence in society.

Shi-Di Episode II performed by Playback Theatre, which presented the situation of victims of gender-based violence in a dramatic way, gave the population a closer to victims. It also enhanced public awareness of the concept of physical boundaries and self-protection, and the respect to others’ physical autonomy. The purpose is to reduce the incidence of gender-based violence such as domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Playback Theatre also led vulnerable women to perform the other performance through the "One Story" showing the victims’ life experiences and buried stories. Those feelings of lack of courage, regret, apology in the form of drama soothed victims’ hearts. The audiences could also resonate with the export of emotional catharsis and outcome, and thus the victims are able to start a new life story.

Taitung County\'s International “End the Violence Against Women Day” campaign has brought in more than 300 people to support anti-gender violence. The campaign has support from the people involved in every activity, and GOH knows more people has joined the campaign, and be more confident that Taitung could become a place of "zero violence" in the future.

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