ANWS Members Visited Office of the President 2017/09/28
Vice President Chen Chien-jen met members of ANWS.

35 members of Asian Network of Women’s Shelters (ANWS) led by ANWS Chairperson and the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) CEO Chi Hui-Jung went to Office of the President to visit Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chen Chien-jen on 30th, Aujust. Mr. Chen not only appreciated GOH to provide long-term and complete caring network for victims, but looked forward to cooperate with these visitors continusly in order to promote gender equality. He thought that everyone, especially females and children have the rights to free from violence. Mr. Chen also promised to support Taiwan to organise Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS) in 2019, which should be done by government.


During his sppech, Vice President Chen Chien-jen firstly appreciated GOH and ANWS to facilitate the conference to be held in Taiwan this year. He said that being a host country, we are pround to support the objectives of “Istanbul Convention” and gather scholars, experts, and representatives from NGOs to discuss new model of shelter managements, legal framework, and public policies in order to help victims of gender violence.


Mr. Chen mentioned that Taiwan has outstanding progress in gender equality, women’s empowerment, and victim’s protections. Gender Equality Committee of The Legislative Yuan has began to examine and confirm if all policies and regulations have realized the concept of gender equality. Taiwanese also elected the first female president last year and 38% members of the Legislative Yuan are females. These important victories ensure that female’s opinions would be heard, especially social project about gender equality promotion.


The visitors included Rosa Logar, Vice President of Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, Council of Europe, Riekje Kok, Coordinator of Global Network of Women’s Shelters, and other representatives from other Asian network of women’s shelters. They wer accompanied with François Chih-Chung Wu, Deputy Foreign Minister of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Judy Ying-ming Wong, Director-General of Department of NGO Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Hsiu-Yuan Chang, Director-General of Department of Protective Services, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

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