[Asian Girls Award] Dani Saejung: The Winner of 2021 Asian Girls Human Rights Award 2021/12/02
Dani Saejung:The Winner of 2021 Asian Girls Human Rights Award

Dani Saejung

The Winner of 2021 Asian Girls Human Rights Award


Dani Saejung was selected as the Asian Girls Ambassador Human Rights award winner for her passion for fighting against sexual violence. With the help of social media, she wants to draw people’s attention to women’s right to dress how they want. 👭


Born in Thailand 🇹🇭 in 2004, despite her young age, Dani has a keen interest in the political situation of her country and she is keen to study more in the areas of politics and human rights in the future. Like many other teenagers in the world, Dani pays attention to beauty; however, she is discouraged from dressing in the way she likes. She has been taught that a woman who wears the ‘wrong’ clothes or displays ‘wrong’ behavior is vulnerable to sexual harassment. A majority of people in Thailand still believe that women are more likely to be sexually assaulted if they wear revealing clothes. It was Dani’s concern about widespread sexual violence that led her to take action herself. 👊🏼


Dani’s project aims to break down the myth that women must avoid dressing provocatively or face exposing themselves to the risk of sexual harassment. She hopes that with the help of social media, she

can share her thoughts and ideas with those beyond her class and beyond her school. The main focus of her project is on improving human rights education. She believes that only when people are aware of the importance of gender equality will they be able to accept that women should have the right and freedom to dress as they please. 🙋


Thailand is often thought of as a Buddhist country, yet Muslims comprise the largest religious minority with a population of around 3 million, which takes part in 5% of Thai inhabitants[1]. As a Muslim, Dani wants to advocate for the hijab, an item of Islamic dress. Although it has long been legal for Muslims to wear the hijab, there are still situations in which hijab bans have been privately enforced[2]. Dani hopes to educate more people on the beauty of Islamic religious dress. 🧕


As a Human Rights Award winner, Dani is excited to carry on her project and encourage more girls to voice their ideas for themselves. At the same time, she wants to raise girls’ awareness of their own rights by sharing stories through social media. Dani believes unity is strength; she hopes that one day all girls will be able to shield themselves from sexual violence! ✊✊✊


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