【GOH Activity】Press Conference 2017/06/14
▲GOH called on the society to re-examine the definition of

Recently, a young author committed suicide because of not being able to overcome the sexual assault trauma during her student life. To call for the public attention, the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) held "The Complexity of Power Related Intercourse” press conference on May 12.

CEO of GOH Hui-Jung Chi argued that some perpetrators use their unequal power while in charging of education, training, medical treatment, public affairs, business affairs, employment, or other relevant fields, and use their power, influence or opportunity to make sexually harass and assault to younger female juniors. These kind of intercourse seems consensual on the surface but is actually against one’s will in reality. The unequal power relation between two parties exists in family, workplace, educational and training institutions. The gap of decision power, age, finance, or other benefit makes victims dare not to say no to the malicious sexual behavior.

Thus, GOH not only asks the public must reexamine the definition of “power-related intercourse” but also urges the government to apply Criminal Code Article 228 “power-related intercourse crime” more often in Taiwan. Even if it occurred between two adults, there is still a possibility of power abuse.

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