Boys can cry: GOH calls for men to express their emotions and join the V-Men Run 2016/09/01
Chi Hui-Jung Ethan Liu & other VIPs endorse the V-Men Run

(New Taipei City, August 31, 2016) The annual V-Men Run will take place in the beautiful Bitan riverside area of the Xindian District, New Taipei City on November 19, 2016. To publicize the event the Garden of Hope held a press conference today at its headquarters. A mixed group of male role models were there to endorse the V-Men Run, including television personalities, policemen and business leaders.

The focus of the press conference was the issue of why men find it hard to cry. GOH CEO Chi Hui-Jung said, “We tell our men not to cry. As a child when my little brother fell down, my parents would say: Don’t cry! I thought: How come I can cry but he can’t?”

Men need to release their emotions in healthy ways, and what better way than to shed a few tears? Endorser of the V-Men Run TV news anchor Ethan Liu (劉傑中) said he does not have a problem with crying, though he does regret not telling his father that he loved him before he passed away.

Chi tried her best to move a group of policemen to tears. Wearing high heels to show solidarity with women, the officers all admitted it was a good thing to cry, and shared stories about how they shed a few tears while on duty.

Among the many corporations sponsoring the V-Men Run, PX Mart is organizing a supermarket sweep for men. Competitors will put on high heels and race around the store, picking up groceries and women's sanitary products.

The principles of the V-Men Run are to encourage men to respect women, "walk a mile in their shoes", understand their feelings, stay away from pornography and prostitution, stop using offensive language and telling sexist jokes, and make a stand to stop violence against women.

As well as a challenging 10k run and an easy 5k jog, the V-Men Run also includes an OBR dance and rising, a high-heeled “walk in her shoes” event, pregnancy experience outfits, and other activities to make men more sensitive to the issue of violence against women.

Chi said that the Garden of Hope would soon incubate a men’s organization in the mold of the White Ribbon Campaign. To join this year’s V-Men Run, sign up at the website today.

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