The Main Promoter of Garden of Hope Foundation! 2018/05/25
Angie Golmon shared the history of rescuing child prostitute.

The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) held its 30th Anniversary on 5th May for founder Angie Golmon at first Taiwanese women's bookstore which advertised feminism, hence the topic and the location were particularly meaningful. In addition to commemorating the mission and enthusiasm of rescuing child prostitutes, GOH CEO Hui-Jung Chi also announced that GOH had also given birth to a new association - the "Taiwan Men's Association" that was officially approved the case. The new association hopes men can join the fight against sexual violence in the future, and to balance gender inequality in the society.

Angie Golmon is 77 years old this year. It was 20 years when she last visited to GOH. At the anniversary celebration, a documentary showed the 30th anniversary of GOH and Angie Golmon’s visit over the past few days. Then it is followed by Chi’s conversation with the audiences. The contents included the condition and vision for the establishment of GOH, the most touching moments, the most memorable cases and challenges, the most memorable events, the impressions of the visit, and the expectation for GOH.

Angie Golmon said that she believed that God was leading her in the preparation for the establishment of a shelter for child prostitutes. She thinks the most valuable thing was to participate in the GOH Planning Committee initiated by five Taiwanese women. When she came back to Taiwan and contacted GOH’s front line social workers, she was shocked and moved to realize GOH has grown so large, and that the social workers constantly gain strength to serve women. She said this is a "hard job," so she prays for everyone, including social workers and women. She shares her intimate relationship with God with social workers. Although she does not understand Chinese, but God understands. Those girls were motivated to learn to take care of themselves and to love themselves. Their lives have been reversed and nourished! Just as her children said to her, "you do what you can and leave the rest to God!"

Hui-Jung Chi was asked by Wanghui Liang in 1992 to help rescue child prostitutes. Back then Wanghui Liang was a reporter at China Times Weekly without salary. Wanghui Liang wanted a protest of anti-child prostitutes. Hui-Jung Chi asked about who they should ask and the costs as there was no money and no one to help, therefore she demanded at least one year of time and one million dollors for the task. Finally, they looked for help from all walks of life. Hui-Jung Chi said that in 1995, the anti-child prostitites protest took place with support of community at all levels. Due to the social support, the law of "Children Sex Trafficking Regulations" was enacted.

The current chairman, Jingwen Lin, is a lawyer. After listening to the stories of so many directors and promoters of GOH, she talked about the predecessors initiated a change and and now it is our turn maintain the momentum of gender justice. Ms Chi emphasized that GOH has expanded from the issue of child prostitution to domestic violence, sexual assault, teenage pregnancy, adoption, sexual harassment, gender-friendly justice, social housing, women’s employment, and shelters for women. The focus is still on gender violence and sexual assults. It hopes that any gender in the future will be treated well, and that there is a good interactive relationship between any gender. GOH will help create a society of gender justice. This is not only its goal in the future as well as the expectation of society.

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