2017 Asian Conference of Women’s Shelters in Taipei 2017/09/28
Guests gathered during opening remarks.

Over 180 people from 28 international organizations and from 16 countries and regions such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, including 39 foreigners, attended Continental Shift in Shelter Management: 2017 Asian Conference of Women’s Shelters. It was held on August 28th and 29th at Taipei Innovation City Convention Center. The conference was advocated that women shelters shold be diversified and that Asian countries should, based on women’s needs, develop housing justice for domestic violence victims, pulling them from danger back to normal life.


When the conference begun, 9 guests including Judy Ying-ming Wong, Director-General of Department of NGO Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hsiu-Yuan Chang, Director-General of Department of Protective Services, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Bandana Rana, Committee Member of UN CEDAW, and Chi Hui-Jung the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) CEO were invited to put small LED lights in shelters on the board. These lights represented relief for a long time, including happiness, relief, comfort, carefulness, confidence, love, perseverance, calmness and patience. The guests also led others to say the slogan out load, “Light up woment’s shelters with love”, standing for prayers and wishes for domestic violence victims.


GOH pointed out that, once starting suffering from violence, women’s rights of life, health, finance and residence were severely compromised. Therefore, after ensuring women’s safety, the priority was to advocate their rights of finance and residence. However, currently the government still only cared about the short-term sheltering for domestic violence victims for their safety, but once they were out of the phase of danger, due to lack of resources, women would decide to return home which was full of violence, forming the cycle of domestic violence. Therefore, GOH responsed to the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), consistently advocating to accompany one more mile, helping domestic violence victims gain the rights of finance and residence so that they could actually get away from violence and live independently.


GOH CEO Chi Hui-Jung, said women should have diverse options after suffering from domestic violence. For example, the one who left home should be the perpetrator instead of the victim so women wonld not have to live in shelters. If women lived in shelters, they should be taught employment skills or helped gain the qualification to live in cheap and safe social houses. What’s more, she suggested that Taiwan should consider developing regulations of shelter classification for the reason that domestic violence victims would not be in equal level of danger in different phases, and the Netherlands was a good example that we should learn from.


This year, GOH organized the 5th Annual Conference of Asian Network of Women’s Shelters (ANWS), and meanwhile, in the country there are heated discussions about the development of diverse sheltering resources for domestic violence victims. GOH gathered workers of women’s shelters organizations in Asia and invited experts and scholars from Europe to discuss and communicate about topics including Instanbul Convention which had great influence on international laws of domestic violence, shelters classification, economic empowerment, elimination of sexual violence, to think about the policies and methods of sheltering that were future-minded, practical and full of energy.


The first day of the conference focused on the policies, laws and regulation review of the sheltering services for domestic violence victims, and introduced the applicability of Instanbul Convention in domestic violence and ways to economically empower the survivors of domestic violence. On the second day, the agenda focused on the transformation of shelters, classification and new models to manage shelters. A representative of Blijf Groep in the Netherlands was invited to give a speech, introducing Oranje Huis, a “safe but not close” women’s shelters program. It was a good example to learn from in the shelter transformation, classification and new models to manager shelters.


GOH CEO Chi Hui-Jung is a council member of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS) as well as the initiator and current Chairperson of ANWS. GOH have been providing sheltering services for domestic violence victims since 2000, and initiated to setting up ANWS in 2013 after attending the 2nd Global Conference of Women’s Shelters held by GNWS in 2012, GOH. So far 18 countries, including Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Mongolia, and 60 organizations have joined ANWS.

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